Frequently Asked Questions

Film Stuff

What format are the films in? Are they streaming only or available for download?

All videos are in MP4 format and are available for browser streaming by default (on PCs, Macs, Android & iOS devices, etc), and also as downloadable files. This also goes for the images (JPG), audio (MP3), classic erotic novels (PDF). These files have no limitations or DRM set upon them – if downloaded they're usable by you forever, whether your subscription remains active or not.

Are there any download limits for the different subscription options?

No. All subscriptions – month-to-month, yearly, etc – have access to the entire archives, with no download restrictions. Simple & straightforward.

How do I cancel on my subscription?

You can do so by contacting here

Will you ever sell my email address or other info to a 3rd party?


How do you handle technical support?

Just email me here - - for any site questions, playback issues, or anything else. I'll get back to you quickly.

Remember that everyone's system is different so to quicken the troubleshooting please include as much detail as possible about both the problem and your own setup – browser, operating system, video player, specific error messages, or whatever else is pertinent.

I'm a subscriber & my login won't work! What is going on!?

As you can imagine, I take login issues very seriously - no one likes it when their purchased service doesn't function! I place top priority on troubleshooting these instances.

If you have trouble logging in, couple things to keep in mind. The system is case-sensitive, so you must enter both username & password *exactly* as you did upon signing up including uppercase & lowercase letters in the proper locations. If that's not the "case" then please email me, including info I can use to identify your account. These issues are nearly always quickly resolved, and rest assured I'll absolutely compensate your subscription for any downtime incurred.


How often is updated?

I am building the site as the financial budget permits relative to time.

Where did you find all these vintage movies and photos?

I gained contact with James Selvidge in 2008

Do you buy/sell erotica similar to the collection?

Buying – Yes! If you've got any vintage erotica on offer please do contact me. Keep in mind that my budget is scrutinized. When itself passes on a purchase I may be able to connect a seller to other interested buyers. I am also interested in hearing from original producers of classic erotica to discuss licensing possibilities.

Selling – I do currently offer anything from the collection proper for sale, including prints. But occasionally I have nice items (original artworks or limited run lithographs, for example).

I'm looking for that one movie from such and such decade – you know, the one with those girls and they're doing the thing in that place… it's super hot. Can you help me find it?

Maybe! It never hurts to ask. I get a lot of questions like this and on occasion it winds up being either something in our collection or something we can identify & acquire for members.

I welcome such queries, but obviously the more specific you can be the better chance for positive ID – approximate year, place of origin, format, any known actors/actresses, any standout features. No guarantees, but for subscribers I'll always make an attempt to locate or at least ID what you're searching for.

I'm a member and really really enjoy stuff with such-and-such actress/aesthetic/obscure sex act/etc – can you publish more of her/it/that?

I do my best to fulfill requests like this – as I produce members requests are a important for what I ad to the build.. In that way I can be different from the other websites.

I'm a writer/artist/journalist/filmmaker/etc and would be curious about including some of your content in a project or otherwise collaborate, how do I go about doing this?

I'll try to work with anyone. Just contact me.

Contact I'll get back to you as soon as possible.