Good Greetings to You my Friends....This Website consists of Vintage Adult Erotica. Discover the collection of the One and Only James Selvidge of the Bygone Era of Films...For Jim, It has all been about Freedom!

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  • Never Before Seen Vintage Erotica MoviesFilms,Photos,Books,Articles,Comics
  • from the early 1900s through the 1970s, innocent burlesque to lusty & explicit retro sex.
  • Thousands of antique photos
  • from Victorian smut to luscious 1950s pinups to the racy sex magazines of the Free Love era.
  • Full-length erotic novels & stories
  • from the porn dens of Seattle.
  • Vintage Erotic Collectibles
  • from around the world.
  • Classic erotic animation Films,Photos,Books,Articles,Comics
  • rare, amusing, arousing!
  • Much more...

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